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Retail Boxes
Retail Boxes      

The common gift box is a rectangular or square container of varying sizes. There are numerous styles and types of specialty gift boxes available. Gift boxes also come in a variety of colors.


One Piece  

One piece gift boxes, as the name implies, consist of only one piece of packaging. There is no separate cover. A one piece gift box has a built-in flap to seal the box.


Two Piece  

Two piece gift boxes consist of a bottom box to hold your gift and a top cover. They lay flat to save space during storage and shipping and are easy to assemble.


Apparel Boxes  

Apparel boxes are usually two-piece gift boxes that are used for clothing. An apparel box is usually relatively long, but not higher than 3" tall.


Jewelry Boxes  

Jewelry boxes are generally one of the smallest types of gift boxes. They are a great way to present jewelry as a gift. Jewelry boxes usually come with cotton padding to save you time and protect the jewelry.


Candy Boxes  

Candy boxes are approved for food use. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. Candy boxes are usually measured by how much weight they can hold, as well as by their dimensions.


Pillow Boxes  

Pillow boxes are similar to cardboard mailing envelopes with both ends open. The ends of the package fold in to seal the box and form a shape that resembles a pillow.


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